How to be safe on the Internet

If you don’t know yet, the Internet is the place where most crimes are made, and where your information is exposed to the world, including scammers, hackers etc.

It’s very important to know how to surf the internet safely, today we’ll explain how you can stay safe on the internet, protect your privacy, and wich tools to use.

With these tips you will not only be protected, you’ll know at what risks you’re exposed daily, and detect scams and virus.

1. Use different usernames

Always use completely different usernames when registering to forums, websites, games, etc.

This is very important because if a database is hacked, anyone could see your password or email by searching your username on the hacked database.

You can use usernames generators or just think a new one, don’t use specific usernames like “danwilson1992” because anyone will know which is your age.

I recommend using random usernames like “watercat”, “silenceboom” etc. Basically usernames that don’t say anything about you.

2. Create strong passwords

It is very important to use different passwords for each account you create, use symbols, mayus, and numbers.

Create a strong password with a strong password generator, and store it on a paper or on a text file USB, being the paper safest.

If you want to manage and create password automatically, you can use LastPass chrome extension with 2FA authentication.

3. Create a new email

Create a new email only for signing up to new sites and to keep your personal email clean and safe, never use your personal one.

You can also create multiple emails if you wish, and use each one for one specific site.

4. Use a fake name and address

When registering to websites, games etc. We recommend to not use your real name, instead use a fake name and address.

You’ll be only using your real name if it’s strictly required or important, for example if you want to buy something.

5. Surf the internet anonymously

Change your IP address

This is one of the most important tips here, by hiding your ip and using a new one you can protect yourself from others knowing your location.

Also it’s important to prevent DDoS attacks to your router or to avoid a reverse IP lookup.

You can use different VPN’s to change your IP, most known are premium but will keep you safe.

List of good paid VPN’s

  • ExpressVPN
  • HideMyAss
  • IPVanish
  • NordVPN, wich

Never share personal details

You should never share personal details to unknown persons, because you never know who that person is and what he can do with that information.

To prevent any damage, you must only share fake details, or you can create a fake profile to use it on the internet.

6. Always use a good antivirus

Be aware of fake websites that can be your bank, or files sent from unknown people that may contain viruses, use always a good antivirus.

I recommend to use 2 antivirus tools, Avast which is free and offer good protection, and Malwarebytes will block any malware or phishing websites.


Final Words
Staying safe on the internet is very important, so protect yourself. That’s why is very important to know which who we’re sharing our personal information. Just follow our tips and be sure to stay safe!


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